Hot Tub Winterization Service Chicago

Since the Chicago winter isn’t exactly plumbing’s best friend, it makes sense to close and winterize your hot tub for the season. In theory, you could just leave the hot tub running—but then you’d have to keep up with the usual maintenance routine or face a seriously neglected tub come spring. And that’s probably not what you had in mind when you bought a luxurious spa tub. 

When you’re ready to close down for the winter, call us at Chicago Hot Tub Service Pros. Our hot tub winterization service in Chicago will make sure your tub is protected against hard freezes and ready to reopen in the spring. 

    Spa Tub Closing & Opening Service

    Our hot tub service is the convenient way to close and reopen your spa tub. We pay attention to the details and make sure each step has been properly completed so you don’t have to. When we close your hot tub for the winter, we:

    • Drain the Tub
    • Blow Out the Plumbing 
    • Remove & Store Drain Plugs
    • Disconnect Heaters & Pumps
    • Where Needed, Add Antifreeze
    • Cover the Hot Tub

    By taking these steps, we make sure that residual water in your hot tub doesn’t freeze and cause cracks from the expansion of ice. You can rest assured that when the weather warms up again, your hot tub will be in perfect condition for reopening. 

    When spring does come, we’ll do something of the process in reverse: 

    • Vacuum Any Water That May Have Accumulated
    • Reinstall Plugs
    • Reattach All Interior Equipment 
    • Refill the Hot Tub
    • Start & Test the Equipment 
    • Balance the Water’s Chemical Levels 

    Once your hot tub is reopened, you’ll soon be able to enjoy relaxing, hydrotherapeutic dips again. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

    The Benefits of Properly Winterizing Your Hot Tub

    The primary reason you winterize your hot tub is to protect it from freezing temperatures while you aren’t using it. When water freezes in pipes, it can cause cracks that you don’t want to deal with once the weather is nice again. When you winterize your hot tub, you:

    • Prevent the Need for Potentially Costly Repairs
    • Save on Utilities Costs
    • Spare Yourself from Maintenance During the Winter
    • Ensure Your Hot Tub Is in Good Shape for Spring
    • Protect Your Overall Investment in Your Hot Tub 

    When you’re ready to schedule our hot tub winterization service, call us or fill out our contact form. We’ll respond promptly to your request. Our techs proudly serve customers within 50 miles of Chicago.