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    Keep your hot tub working its best by leaving the job to us. As your Hot Tub Service Pros in Chicago, we offer a complete range of services so that your tub continues to give you a luxurious, relaxing experience. Looking for “hot tub repair near me“? With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to provide top-quality service. Call us for:

    • Troubleshooting
    • Repairs
    • Hot Tub Panel Repairs
    • Jets and Heaters Repairs

    Some Of The Hot Tub Brands We Work With

    Hot Tub Service Chicago Illinois

    Working with all makes and models, our technicians are the qualified experts you can depend on. Your spa tub is a major purchase, so you need a company you can count on to keep it in great shape. Our dedication to customer satisfaction makes ours the only number you’ll need to call for hot tub service in the Chicago area. When you choose us, you can expect:

    • Prompt Replies
    • Free Estimates
    • Convenient Scheduling 
    • Friendly Technicians 
    • Timely Job Completions 

    Best Local Hot Tub Experts

    What separates us from the rest? Our product knowledge, depth of experience, and dedication to the highest standards of professionalism have established our strong reputation in the communities we serve. We have a growing list of satisfied customers who tell us we’re the best hot tub company they’ve ever worked with. We’re proud of that status, and every day we work hard to live up to it. 

    As your hot tub technicians, we carefully inspect the parts and components in order to recommend the right service. We’ll quickly identify any problems and get to work on correcting them. From hot tub cleaning to jet repair and much more, our pros never deliver anything less than thorough service. 

    Our mobile service is the right choice to get the best performance out of your hot tub. We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a time to come out and service your tub. 

    Professional Hot Tub Repair Chicago

    There’s not much better than the simple joy of your hot tub, but that relaxing feeling is thanks to a rather complicated system. For hot tubs to work their best, an elaborate system of parts needs to stay in top shape. If something goes wrong with these parts, not only will your tub not provide the same experience—it may also become a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria. That’s why it’s critical to keep up with any necessary maintenance or repairs. We also provide hot tub pump replacement here in Chicago.

    Our technicians will quickly diagnose and fix any problems with your spa tub’s jets, filtration systems, or plumbing. With our excellent service and competitive prices, customers know they can count on us for all of their hot tub needs. Just give us a call or fill out our contact form to request service. We’ve got you covered when it comes to your tub’s 

    • Filter
    • Drain
    • Plumbing
    • Valves
    • Air Blower
    • Heater
    • Pump
    • Jets
    • And More

    Spa Diagnostics/Troubleshooting

    As our customer, you won’t have to worry when you encounter problems with your hot tub. Just give us a call, and we’ll get on it. Our technicians perform expert diagnostics to get to the cause of the malfunction. Common reasons that our customers reach out to us include:

    1. The Water Won’t Heat Up

    2. The Water Heats Up, Cools Down, Heats Up Again

    3. Malfunctioning Jets

    4. Overheated Water

    5. Error Code on Control Panel

    6. Flow Problems

    Sometimes, the solution to these issues is to clean the filter and clear away any debris or buildup. But there are some problems that can have serious consequences. For example, if no water is passing through the heater as it warms up, it could start a fire. And in some instances, trying to repair the jets yourself may result in damages that unintentionally void the warranty. That’s why the best idea is to contact us whenever your hot tub isn’t working properly. All you have to do for hot tub troubleshooting is:

    • Fill Out Our Online Request Form
    • Include the Make and Model
    • If Possible, Include the Model Year and Date Installed
    • Attach a Photo of the Tub If Available

    Hot Tub Maintenance Services Chicago Illinois

    To protect your hot tub and ensure continued performance, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Choose us for thorough cleaning and professional maintenance that will help to maximize your tub’s product lifespan. Our services include:

    1. Clean Spa Filter Every Two Weeks

    2. Replace Filter Annually

    3. Test & Adjust Water Level Frequently

    4. Drain & Refill Periodically

    5. Air Out Spa Cover Frequently 

    6. Maintain Appropriate Chlorine & Bromine Ranges

    7. Measure & Adjust pH, Alkalinity, & Calcium Hardness Levels 

    8. Add Fill Water as Necessary 

    Taking care of your hot tub is all about the details. It’s also about staying consistent. Our spa techs come to your location with everything we need to give your tub a comprehensive cleaning. Let us know if you’re ready to schedule service by contacting us today. 

    Hot Tub Winterization Service Chicago

    When you’re closing your hot tub for the season, properly winterizing it is a crucial way to prevent freezing temperatures from damaging the plumbing. Here’s an overview of what we do to safeguard your tub during the winter and make it easier to reopen in the spring:

    • Shut Off GFCI Circuit Breaker: Turning off the power to the hot tub is the first step in the process.
    • Open the Access Panel Door: Usually located on the side, this panel allows access to the hot tub’s components.
    • Attach a Garden Hose to the Hose Attachment: Inside the access panel, there is a hose attachment that allows us to drain the tub.
    • Loosen Unions on Pumps & Heater: This is how we drain water in the lines.
    • Remove the Pumps’ Drain Plugs: Your hot tub may have more than one pump; we make sure each is properly drained.
    • Use a Wet-Vac for Any Remaining Water: We suction out any leftover water in the drains, filter cavities, and other areas to prevent damage during hard freezes. 
    • Replace Drain Plugs: We’re almost finished; it’s time to replace the plugs and re-tighten the unions on the pumps and heater. 
    • Apply Hot Tub Antifreeze: One gallon of antifreeze goes into each pump and filter cavity. 
    • Replace Access Panel Door & Close Hot Tub Cover: Now your hot tub is all set to get through the winter and reopen when the weather warms up. 

    Why Call for Expert Help to Service Your Hot Tub?

    A lot goes into taking care of your hot tub. Checking chemical levels, keeping it clean, remembering to change the filter—there’s a full maintenance schedule to stick to. And any damage that needs repair work is no job for an amateur. Improper repairs can lead to further damage and costlier repairs. The convenient (and safe) solution is to let our skilled professionals tend to your hot tub. The next time you’re looking for a reliable hot tub company, give us a call. 

    Jacuzzi and Spa Tub Repair Services

    Our techs are known for doing the job right the first time. At the first sign that your hot tub isn’t operating properly, go ahead and contact us. It’s always best to address problems right away before they get worse and possibly more expensive. Additionally, you don’t want your hot tub to pose any safety risks. With us, you get superior service that keeps your spa tub an enjoyable experience for all. We service all makes and models, including top brands such as:

    • Bullfrog Spas
    • Jacuzzi 
    • Sundance Spas
    • ThermoSpas
    • Caldera Spas
    • Hot Spring
    • Catalina Spas 
    • Master Spas
    • Marquis Spas
    • Cal Spas

    Plumbing and Electrical Repairs for Hot Tubs

    If your hot tub isn’t working right, let us fix the problem. Whether the issue is with the panel, plumbing, electricity, or other feature, you can trust us to perform professional repairs that keep your tub in great condition. Searching online for Hot Tub Repair Near Me will bring you to our page.

    Chicago Hot Tub Service Pros is your source for expert repairs from friendly and experienced technicians. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and show you what distinguishes us from the competition. 

    About Chicago Hot Tub Service Pros

    We are a locally owned and operated company with more than 10 years of experience. Our highly skilled team proudly performs the highest level of service on all makes and models of spa tubs. If you are located within a 50-mile radius of Chicago, we are available to serve you Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

    Please feel free to request an always free estimate on:

    • Repairs
    • Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
    • Diagnostics
    • Winterization
    • Spa Opening
    • Spa Closing

    Our business was founded on principles of integrity and transparency with a focus on complete customer satisfaction. By choosing us, you can expect technicians who understand what it takes to do the job right. We respond quickly to your call, and we show up on schedule any time you need our services.  

    When you are ready to get started, just call us or submit our contact form. We’re here to provide Chicago-area spa tub owners with a higher level of service. 

    Areas We Service

    We provide hot tub repair, troubleshooting and hot tub winterization services in Chicago Illinois, Greater Chicago or Chicagoland, including Rogers Park, West Ridge, Uptown, Lincoln Square, Edison Park, Norwood Park, Jefferson Park, Forest Glen, North Park, Albany Park, O’Hare, Edgewater, North Center, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Avondale, Logan Square, Portage Park, Irving Park, Dunning, Montclare, Belmont Cragin, Hermosa, Near North Side, Loop, Near South Side, Humboldt Park , West Town, Austin, West Garfield Park, East Garfield Park, Near West Side, North Lawndale, South Lawndale, Lower West Side, Garfield Ridge, Archer Heights, Brighton Park, McKinley Park, New City, West Elsdon, Gage Park, Clearing, West Lawn, Chicago Lawn, West Englewood, Englewood, Armour Square, Douglas, Oakland, Fuller Park, Grand Boulevard, Kenwood, Washington Park, Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore, Bridgeport, Greater Grand Crossing, Ashburn, Auburn Gresham, Beverly, Washington Heights, Mount Greenwood, Morgan Park, Chatham, Avalon Park, South Chicago, Burnside, Calumet Heights, Roseland, Pullman, South Deering, East Side, West Pullman, Riverdale, Hegewisch.